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About Us



Anglicare North Queensland is a well-established organisation that serves our communities throughout the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland.  As an active participant in the mission of the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland, particular emphasis is placed on caring for those in need and transforming unjust structures in society.


Responding in loving service as a mission focused organisation to the needs of people within society.

Social Justice

Advocating without prejudice for the pursuit of natural justice to alleviate poverty & inequality.

Community Focused

Seeking to promote social inclusion helping to meet the needs of individuals, family and the wider community.

Client Centred

Actively understanding, respecting and responding to the needs of people.



In 1985 the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland, Townsville established Cairns Anglican Youth Services on a volunteer basis through local parishes, which saw the opening of our first crisis accommodation for youth in Cairns.


Today we are known as Anglicare North Queensland Limited and we deliver a wide range of services across the far northern region. Anglicare receives funding from the state and federal government and specialises in child safety and youth services, mental health and homelessness service provision.


Anglicare North Queensland Limited administers and governs in consultation with the Anglican Diocese of North Queensland and according to the mission, values and philosophy of the Anglican Church in Australia.


Our Board

Bishop William (Bill) Ray

Acting Chairperson
Craig Fraser

John Hartigan
Anne McCutcheon

Naomi Wilson

Neil Forgie


Chief Executive Officer

Ian Roberts











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179 Lake Street, Cairns Ph: (07) 4041 5454 Fax: (07) 4041 5457 Email: admin@anglicare.net