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Christmas Hamper Appeal

Homeless services in Cairns

“Reaching out to people in need”


The Aim

To provide Christmas hampers to 200 households in Cairns to people/families who are doing it tough this year.

How we can do this?

By asking all households via TV, radio and newspapers to do a pantry clearout.  If they have items in their pantry which they know will never get eaten but which are still in date to donate it to the Anglicare Christmas Hamper Appeal.

Or if they would like to donate a packet of mince pies, lollies, a Christmas pudding etc then we would love to accept their donation.

Last year with enormous help from Coles staff we were able to distribute 100 hampers, this time with help from Coles and by asking our own community in Cairns to donate food items we would like to double the number of hampers distributed to disadvantaged households in our own back yard.

For example one of our Foodbank clients who we would like to help with a Christmas Hamper - we will call her Jill is on New Start Incapacitated Allowance and is in her early fifties.

She receives $305.00 per week which includes rent assistance.  She pays out the following:-

$200.00 per week on rent

$60.00 per week on credit card repayments

$15.00 per week on electricity and gas bills

$20.00 per week on phone and internet charge

The payments come to $295.00 per week which leaves Jill with $10.00 to spend on food and clothes. Also Jill has several health issues which also means that she has to buy medical supplies each month.

Jill comes to our Foodbank and Beacon Cafe and receives help from other agencies like Vinnies for food and her daughter who lives in Australia but in another state also sends her mum extra money as and when she can afford to do so.  Jill has spoken to our volunteers and basically has said if it wasn’t for Anglicare she does not know how she would survive.

By us giving Jill and families like Jill a small hamper full of basic pantry items and a few luxuries it shows her that people really do care and it will make Christmas just that little bit easier for them.


Anglicare North Queensland has been working within the community to more effectively address the complex issues of Homelessness.

Anglicare North Queensland continues to provide services as part of a coordinated community response to address the needs of people, from young people shelters and adult housing crisis accommodation to housing and tenancy support and referral services, youth substance abuse services, diversionary and outreach services.

Anglicare North Queensland has a 40 bed one adult shelter and 2 young people shelters in Cairns, one boys St Johns, one girls St Margaret’s.

For more information contact Anglicare North Queensland on 4041 5454.

Anglicare North Queensland Limited values the generous contributions received from supporters that enable us to provide essential, community support services and facilities to meet the growing demand in our region.

We are committed to ensuring that donations received will directly assist with providing opportunities and outcomes to the communities we provide services to.

If you wish to make a donation please click on the following link below or phone (07) 4041 5454 to receive further information.

Donation Form


If you wish to leave a bequest to a benevolent organisation as a part of your will, we will be pleased to discuss how your gift will directly benefit the communities we provide services to.

Please contact us on (07) 4041 5454 or via e-mail on admin@anglicare.net to receive further information and discuss how we will acknowledge your contribution.










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179 Lake Street, Cairns Ph: (07) 4041 5454 Fax: (07) 4041 5457 Email: admin@anglicare.net