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Our Values

Anglicare North Queensland Limited:
  1. Is dedicated to the principles of social justice, anti-discrimination, non-violence and is against harassment in any form.
  2. Is committed to challenging the ecological and structural forces impacting on our community and believes that interventions should not be limited to facilitating change within individuals, but also extend to the broad social context in which we live.
  3. Believes that each person is a valuable individual with unique skills, experiences and resources that equip them for survival and growth.
  4. Recognises the needs of those involved in the organisation to a safe, comfortable and non-threatening environment.
  5. Believes that people are capable of identifying their own needs and acting to meet these needs.
  6. Recognises that promoting the wellbeing of those in need is the core business of the organisation while acknowledging accountability requirements to others in the community.
  7. Is committed to practices that:
  • Treat all individuals with respect.
  • Promote maximum self worth and dignity.
  • Protect the rights of all concerned.
  • Protect the privacy of all concerned.
  • Encourage free choice.
  • Avoid re-enactment of trauma, abuse, disadvantage or powerlessness.
  • Facilitate collaborative processes for working alongside and on behalf of the community in need.
  • Are respectful and inclusive and which value and encourage the strength, energy and creativity of the community.











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